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To Find My Way, I Needed to Escape My Family's Shadow

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Rurika Toku

Rurika Toku was born in Japan's Aichi prefecture in 1987. She graduated from Keio University's Faculty of Law with a degree in political science. After graduating, she worked for a publishing firm, as well as for various companies in public relations and store management. Currently, Rurika works a freelance writer and editor in Japan.


Tsukasa Ogi

Tsukasa Ogi is a freelance photographer specialized in human photography. He works primarily for online media, magazines and corporate media.


Yuka Akashi

Yuka directs content creation and does editing for Kintopia’s Japanese twin website CybozuShiki. In January 2018, she began a side job working as a freelance writer and editor. Starting in 2019, she has also been editing books for Cybozu.