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Working as a Japanese Tea Master: Work in Progress Japan #1, Ryo Iwamoto

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Alex Steullet

Alex is the editor in chief of Kintopia and part of the corporate branding department at Cybozu. He holds an LLM in Human Rights Law from the University of Nottingham and previously worked for the Swiss government.


Naozumi Tsukamoto

Naozumi is a Japanese cameraman who, together with his associate Ryo Kawano, does freelance creative video direction. In addition, Naozumi is a member of JapanMade, a video production project seeking to introduce the work of Japanese artisans to the world. He also loves soccer.


Dan Takahashi

Dan is an editor and photographer for Kintopia's Japanese twin website Cybozu-shiki. He is the most recent member to join the corporate branding department at Cybozu.